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Carving Demonstrations, Workshops, and Classes


Lintel Carving Class

We are pleased to offer a Scandinavian Lintel Carving Class in October of 2024.  It will be a four day class and held at the Milan Village Age School, in Milan, Minnesota.  Up to ten partcipants will be in the class and prior carving experience will be helpful, but not required.  The project involves creating a lintel with a dragon style carving design to span a 3' doorway.  Jim will provide a carving design inspired by the carving on Stave Churches from the eleventh century in Norway.   Tools can be rented for a fee.

Carving Class at Milan.jpg

Ale Bowl Carving Classes

I am a regular instructor at the Milan Village Art School in Milan,. Minnesota,.  I've been offering a three day class on carving a Scandinavian style ale bowl each July.  It's been over a weekend and up to ten participants can register.  The participants have had a variety of experience carving and yet continue to have a great experience shaping and carving a wooden bowl and celebrating the wonderful tradition of ale bowl carving.  . In 2024, I'll be offering two Scandinavian ale bowl carving classes at MVAS and they be in the months of April and July. 

Miniature Ale Bowl Carving Workshops

I've offered a number of miniature ale bowl carving workshops to youth and adults. These are half day events and the participants get to create a bowl in the Norwegian tradition.  They an be decorated with carving and painting which makes them personalized. These can be worn with a cord.  A fellowship with the American Scandinavian Foundation, in 2021, provided funding so I could offer this experience of carving to confirmation age youth in a couple churches.  

miniature wooden bowls2.jpg
277_06_30_2 (1)triptyche.JPEG

Chip Carving Classes

I periodically offer a class on chip carving.    I use chip carving as an ornamentation for bowls, boxes, shelves, and on religious artwork.  The artwork on the left, part of a triptych, was provided for the chapel at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Il.  I've done demonstrations in schools and for scouts, and I have taught church groups, woodcarving club members, and the Sons of Norway.   My intention is to welcome participants, youth and adults, so they are inspired to explore their own artistic expression.


Barb and I want to encourage young people and adults to learn more about woodworking and woodcarving.    I've done presentations on ale bowl carving at the Icelandic State Park, Devils Lake Art Fair, Devils Lake Rotary Club, Boy Scouts, Sons of Norway, and the Pioneer Daughters.  Other hand tool woodworking demonstrations were offered at the Manfred School Days, Lake Region Heritage Center, Lake Region Corporation, Historic Fort Totten, Pioneer Village in Rugby and at the historic Gingras Trading Center in Pembina, ND.

Icelandic demonstration.jpg
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