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Norwegian Woodcarving


Skanderna Wood Works has a strong interest in offering carvings in the Norwegian Stave Church tradition.   Jim has become passionate about the different forms of dragon style carving depicted on the portals of Norwegian Stave Churches.  He has been inspired by the 11th Century carving at the Gol Stave Church and Urnes Stave Church, and through his admiration of Phil Odden's work.  Some of Jim's current work involves teaching and carving associated with the creation of dragon style lintels at the Grue Church in Buxton.  

Gol Stave Half Round Carving.jpg
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Green Urnes Carving.jpg
First Urnes Panel Danish Oil 0526.JPG


Funding for my folk art projects has been provided by the North Dakota Council on the Arts, the American Scandinavian Foundation,  Partners for Sacred Places, and clients like you.   I am also indebted to the many people and institutions who continue to champion for Scandinavian folk art such as Corene Vaughn with the Northeastern North Dakota Heritage Association, the Sons of Norway, and chief curator, Laurann Gilbertson of the Vesterheim Museum of Decorah, Iowa, for assisting me in my research.    Explore the pieces below, check our store, and if desired, contact us about commission work.

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