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Skanderna Wood Works, LLC

Norwegian Woodcarving and Wood Turnings

Skandera Wood Works, LLC offers woodcarving and turnings that honor the folk art tradition made famous in the Nordic countries.  Over the years, woodcarving and folk art has given people of humble means the ability to personalize their home and furnishings.  See the items in our web store and, if interested, contact us about our work done on commission.   

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"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do"

Edgar Degas

Skanderna's Artists

Jim Paulson is a woodcarver in the Norwegian tradition, specializing in creating Nordic Ale Bowls and low relief panels and architectural elements featuring dragon carving.  Jim has done carvings on commission for historic church buildings in North Dakota that have been repurposed as community centers.  He created a carved baptismal bowl and dipper for the Hallson Church at the Icelandic State Park, in Cavalier, and carved lintels for two doorways at the Grue Church, in Buxton.​ 


Barb Paulson, Jim's wife of 46 years, handles the finances and logistics for Skanderna Wood Works LLC.  She often assists Jim when he teaches workshops and classes in woodcarving.  Barb is also a passionate wood turner who creates handmade writing instruments and other turnings.  Her creations involve working with exotic woods that are both domestic and imported.    


Baptismal Bowls

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330 1st Ave. SE, Leeds, Benson County, ND, 58346

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