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Red, Green, and Black Ale Bowl

Red, Green, and Black Ale Bowl

This red, green, and black ale bowl is one of my favorites.  It is a small rooster which was carved from select basswood and it was finished with acrylic paints and polyurethane coatings.  The colors were applied to skillfully transition.  This design incorporates motifs from the famous dragon carving of Norway.  


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    We use select materials for our woodcarvings and in making our wooden products.  If you have a question about our products or find something unsatisfactory, please contact us by phone or email within 14 days of purchase.  We offer quality products that are handmade with care.  With the exception of a writing instrument where ink cartridge refills may be needed depending on use, all other products can be expected to show some wear upon use.  


    We stand behind our products when they are used in an appropriate manner.  You have purchased an item made of wood. Wood can be a durable and long lasting material if it is used as intended. We have made this item with time tested methods of assembly, craftsmanship, and we would expect some wear with use.  Because hand tools are a signature of our woodcarving and woodworking skill, you'll see evidence of those tools in the surfaces of the finished product.  Various markings from planes, chisels, gouges, and other tools that were used, may still be visible after paints, stains, and varnishes are applied.  However careful and diligent we may be it still doesn't eliminate the possibility of the wood material experiencing cracking over time. We hope that you'll enjoy the full use of the item you purchased.  Should you need to clean these items, you may use a mild detergent solution, followed by water rinse and drying with a soft cloth.   We have chosen quality finishing materials, but care has to be given to wood.  For example, our wooden spoons cannot be placed in a dishwasher, they have to be hand washed.      

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